Jaime Oliver- Teach every child about food

Jaime Oliver, is a chef from England who is gaining recognition for his Food Revolution in the U.S.

He, along with many other American’s are making strides toward creating a healthier lifestyle for American children. However, bigger changes need to be made in order to make a difference; every individual effort makes a difference. In this TED talk Jaime gives real tangible solutions that can help this country fight against obesity. Some of his recommendations include:

– Change food labeling

– Educate children in school about food

– Teach each child to cook at least 10 quick and healthy meals before they leave high    school. He calls these cooking skills “Life skills”

– Have a food ambassador in every major supermarket  to help people shop and to show them how to cook meals that are quick and tasty.

Jaime is an inspiration to myself and others in the Public Health industry. Take a moment to hear in simple terms what needs to be done in order to make changes in this country.


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One response to “Jaime Oliver- Teach every child about food

  1. lacrossefit

    That sugar visual was scary, I drank 4 choco milks a day. Thats two full whelbarrows over a 5 year period. Thank you government.

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