Summer Time… Changing Habits

This is my FAVORITE time of year. The sunshine always seems to help keep my energy levels on a high note. The change in pace from school regimen puts me at ease and lets ideas flow freely. I would say the thing that I like the most about summer is the opportunity to change habits. For those of you who are in a year-round work schedule, there is still plenty of opportunity to change habits– let the summer energy help you make better choices, it’s also great time to set new goals.

Some quick tips to keep in mind when changing habits:

1. Be aware of your thoughts

2. If you catch yourself performing an unfavorable habit take a deep breath; try again with an alternative action

3. Accept that changes don’t happen over night, they take effort.

4. Write post-it notes with reminders and stick them in places that you will see through out the day

5. Make one change at a time (this is crucial for success)

6. Keep a journal to monitor changes

7. Try not to obsess over making changes, take it one step at a time

8. Give yourself a compliment when you have successfully made a change for the better!


Here are some examples of habits that I will be working on changing this summer are:

Limiting the amount of time spent on the internet, specifically on websites that are not educational or contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night

Drinking tea instead of coffee

Increasing the amount of water I drink

Adjusting my spending habits

Increasing the amount of relaxation/ meditation spent per day.. aka more “ME TIME”… I tend to unnecessarily pack my schedule, could use some more down time

Less talking, more listening


Remember, opportunities are endless. Being open to change and new things leads to more opportunities


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