Garden to Belly. Importance of Knowing How Your Food is Prepared

There is a corporate veil that successfully blinds most consumers from knowing how food gets into stores and on to their plates. Two ways to truly know how your food is prepared are by growing it yourself or buying organic. Since food is such a central part of our lives, it is important that we make good food choices that affect us and others around us.

If you have never grown a plant in your life (aka me until this past year) it is time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! You do not need a big garden to grow certain vegetables and herbs, all you need is a little bit of love, sunlight, soil, water, nutrients and a pot. Go ahead and visit a local garden, ask some questions to get a better idea of what foods are best to grow during the summer and fall season.

Food is also a very integral part of our social lives. Instead of going to a local restaurant, make an adventure out of cooking dinner with friends or family. You can go to the grocery store together to pick out your ingredients, cook together and eat together. You can also make a picnic to eat in the park or at the beach. Another fun way to incorporate food into your social life is by going to a local farmer’s market with family or friends. This way you can support local farmers and find foods that you would not normally find in the grocery store!

There are gardening and cooking classes at many community centers and healthy living centers, check out your options online and once again, try something new!


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One response to “Garden to Belly. Importance of Knowing How Your Food is Prepared

  1. lacrossefit

    My gardens will be epic this year, so will family dinner on the peninsula.

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