Love/Hate Relationship With Technology

Rapid advances in technology have provided our generation with many opportunities, far more than any generation before. Our fascination with technology continues to increase with each and every new version that Apple and Google puts out on the market. There is no doubt that technology has many positive aspects however, we must be aware of how it affects our lifestyle.

It would serve as a challenge to most people to limit their internet/ television/ technology usage on a daily basis. The amount of leisure time that is spent on computers and in front of television takes away from family time, exercise, cooking, outdoor activities and building relationships. While in this day and age it is necessary to keep updated with social networks and media, it is possible to set some guidelines to limit the amount of leisure time we spend with technology in order to become more productive members in society.

One suggestion I would give is to set an alarm or timer for 30 min- 1 hour for time spent in front of the T.V. or on the computer. Then set another alarm to do something productive for 30 min- 1 hour. Take a step back and examine your personal relationship with technology. Take a moment to create some productive goals that you could be reaching during the time you usually spend browsing the web or sitting on the couch. Maybe you could start reading a new book or take a yoga class or even go for a walk outdoors with your pet or your friends.

Would it really be so terrible to only check Facebook 1 time per day? Or spend an hour less in front of the TV? How about spending less time texting and more time having face to face conversations with the people around you. Think that all of this time we essentially waste could be spent doing something good for oneself and for others.


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