SD Blackout..

This past week San Diego experienced an unusual blackout from around 4pm until 2 am, FREAKOUT! There was a major freakout to this minor crisis, however in my opinion lots of positives resulted from the chaos. The blackout was a miraculous event because for the first time in their lives this generation of children were forced to play outside with their friends and neighbors. For this short period of time, people spilled out into the streets for some real live block-party action. My friend’s and I enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the beach followed by a firepit, bbq, stargazing extravaganza. These are the types of events that make me realize how fortunate we were as children to have played outside instead of the all too common now-a-days sitting on the couch watching endless hours of TV or playing on the computer.

If only there was a mandatory blackout once a week. Just a thought.. how cool would that be?!



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