Outdoor- Athlete Salute

There is nothing I love more than what I like to call the “outdoor-athelete salute.” When we exercise outside our senses are heightened and fresh oxygen flows through our muscles. There is no need to compete for space (like in the gym) and there is less room for judgement because of the quick interaction between outdoor athletes. Whether you are running, swimming, biking, surfing, hiking or walking outdoors you are likely to cross paths with another person who is also committed to making positive steps toward a healthier lifestyle. The outdoor-athlete salute is the simple encouraging gesture such as a smile, head-nod, eye contact or “good morning” that people exchange when exercising outdoors. It is almost as though we are inspiring each other to keep working hard.

Make the commitment to workout once a week outdoors. Encourage a friend to come along or make a playlist to keep you company. This is also a great way to break a regular workout routine while making your workout more fun. Remember that when you exercise outdoors, you are inspiring others. SO challenge yourself, work hard and ENJOY!


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