Hard Work Pays Off

“You will experience tremendous resistance (from yourself!) when trying to develop new habits that are good for you (such as training and [eating well] consistently). Warning: It’s not easy. Good habits are hard to form, but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with. Remember that successful people do things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do!” -john carter

Came across this quote today and I LOVE it. Couldn’t be more true. Hard work pays off in ways that you would never imagine if you did not put in the work in the first place. Be Bold. Be Daring. Challenge yourself. During this holiday season, take some time to evaluate where you are at and where you would like to be this time next year. Don’t wait for New Years, January 1st is no different than today or tomorrow.


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  1. Hard Work Pays Off | Pursuit of a Healthier & Happier Future is a wonderful article. I am about to spend more time studying this topic.

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