Why I Chose to Detox- The Clean Program

Those of you who know me know that I have a strong passion for food, cooking and eating. I do my best to eat healthy by eating a whole foods diet however, sometimes I get side tracked. Let’s just say that right now I feel very side tracked. My sweet tooth has taken over, my digestion has been really sensitive (aka a 3 week stomach ache), my serotonin levels are up and down and my eczema (which I have not had since I was a child) has returned in full force. SO what better timing than to find out about a detox/cleanse program that matches my food values.

What do I mean by this? I have never been a fan or advocate of detoxes. I was never quite convinced that it was a good idea to go on an intense liquid diet. Luckily, Dr. Alejandro Junger has developed a cleanse that provides nourishment during the process of detoxification. The cleanse entails 2 liquid meals a day (smoothie & soup) and one solid meal. I love that I can still work out (at a lower intensity) while doing the cleanse. He also advises to include a meditation component during the cleanse which I am a big fan of considering that I have been building my own meditation practice in the past few month. Some other details about the cleanse include:

– taking a probiotic every day

– increasing water intake such that you should have to pee at least once every hour

– take long walks, hatha yoga and step back into the old-school thing we called a sauna

– making sure you leave 12 hours in between dinner and breakfast

– getting adequate amounts of sleep.

I will provide an update after week 1 and then follow up after week 2. The cleanse is designed to be a 3 week cleanse however, at this time period in my life I am only capable of committing to 2 weeks. Thus, I am committing full force, no ifs ands or buts.

With this program I hope to achieve a better sense of self control when it comes to food choices and portion sizes, better relationships with family and friends and a decrease or elimination for the symptoms that I am currently experiencing.

If you have questions on specific details about my cleanse I would be glad to share my journal with you and talk to you about it. The cleanse does not cost money other than the book and ingredients for food. It does require dedication, commitment and a positive attitude.

The book is called CLEAN by Alejandro Junger and looks like this!


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  1. Awesome! This sounds amazing and I cannot wait to see how it goes for you. I’m a full believer in cleanses. I also suffer from the occasional eczema and it only resurfaces when I’ve done something naughty with my eating habits. Good luck and enjoy!

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