Reflections of my experience with the Clean Program

As my first experience with detoxing is coming to a close, (day 12/14!) I have begun to reflect about the past 2 weeks. Yes it was a challenge and yes it is rewarding! The goals that I wished to accomplish prior to the detox were to reduce stomach aches, reduce skin irritation, kick my sweet tooth, become less dependent on caffeine and to increase serotonin. Even though weight loss was not one of my main ambitions for doing this detox I did lose some weight in the past 2 weeks. Many of the symptoms that were of concern prior to the detox have gotten much less intense or completely disappeared.

These past 2 weeks have reminded me some of the key tools for the basis of healthy eating. They can be simplified into 4 P’s:

Planning – Looking at your weekly calendar, picking recipes for the week, making a grocery list, grocery shop, prep to save time during the week. (#1 tool in my opinion!)

Persistence– aka. self-control and motivation. My persistence stemmed from feeling better everyday that I stuck to the cleanse.

Portion size– in general we eat too much. The Clean Program has reminded me that it is possible to still feel full without overeating.

Positive thinking– being kind to yourself, positive self talk.

The hardest part is still to come: making sure that I don’t fall back into old eating habits. It is time to set some new goals in order to continue in the right direction. Here are a few important guidelines when setting goals:

They must be measurable, realistic and challenging. For example: Instead  of setting a general goal “to reduce my caffeine consumption”, I should set this goal….”For the month of January I will consume no more than 3 coffees per week.”

Whatever your weakness is, (we all have one) you should set some boundaries to protect your health in the long term. Since my sweet tooth is my weakness I have to set some boundaries for myself. Thus, I plan to use desserts as a reward system each week. Specifically as a reward for nourishing my body with healthy food. This reward system is technically how sweets should be viewed in general. Sweets are meant to be a treat, not an everyday indulgence. (2 squares of dark chocolate >70% cocao everyday is acceptable even under these guidelines!)

I plan on doing this cleanse bi-annually as I believe it is a great way to stay in tune with one’s own health. I would strongly recommend the Clean Program. Even if you do not feel like you can do the whole cleanse, I recommend that you read the book.

The New Year would be a great time to start the detox however, it can be done at any time that suites your lifestyle.

Feel free to ask me any specific questions about this detox, I would love to share!


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