The Gluten Monster

Many people have been questioning the whole gluten free “trend.” Yes, there has been a rise in sensitivity to gluten. No, it is not a trend. This article gives a little more insight to the average joe (including myself) about why gluten has become such  hot topic for this generation.

Confessions of a Yoga Drama Queen

It is the latest diet trend hitting the nation. Although for some it is not a trend it is a threat, a disease in the body. I found out I had celiac about 2 years ago. I didn’t really understand what gluten did to my body until I stopped eating it all together. The only way to cure celiac, is by consuming a gluten-free diet. By day 3, I could see miraculous changes in symptoms that I used to discount as normal. I had more energy rather than my usual nap- inducing fatigue. Then as the weeks passed I had better concentration and mental focus. I had fewer sick days, better overall health, and skyrocketing energy. I had a greater sense of happiness, well being, and emotional stability. I had decreased allergy symptoms and less nasal and chest congestion. I even used to be a severe insomniac and going gluten-free…

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