Most Recent (and fabulous) Workout Experience

Today I took a group sculpt class at the local YMCA. Up North they take their YMCA’s pretty seriously in that they provide a clean workout environment and are adequately equipped with a plethora of classes. This particular class looked full when I walked into the class, which was 10 minutes before the class even started. Little did I know that it would fill up even more, to the point where the equipment had run out. Usually a crowded class doesn’t sound appealing but I decided to stay to check out the scene…

It was the most diverse class I had ever been to, considering that the sculpt and yoga classes that I had been going in San Diego to consisted of a combination of soccer moms and MILFS (excuse my terminology).

The general workout philosophy in Southern California and Northern California makes me question how I could possible be living in the same state that I was in just one week ago. The majority of people in SoCal workout to look good. In Northern California it is clear that the goal is to be healthy. There really is no concern about how people look here. In fact I have seen more female armpit hair in the past 5 days than I have in my entire life.

Now back to the class… There were people ranging in age from high school to their 50’s, yet no one seemed to care. Everyone chose their own modification without worrying about what their neighbor was doing. Since there was not enough equipment people were turning to their neighbors asking if they wanted to share their step or trade off using bands. It was a completely fascinating experience and one that I wish everyone had the chance to experience.


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