Newest Breakfast Creation aka Breakfast Delight

Being that I love food so much, I sometimes think about my next meal before I am even finished with my current meal. Must be the inner fat kid inside of me 😉

Thought about this healthy concoction last night before I went to sleep. Trust me, I was not disappointed when I created this masterpiece in the morning. Which is why I feel compelled to share!

Crunchy Yogurt Protein Breakfast Delight

3/4 cup plain (unsweetened) low-fat yogurt  (Mountain High Brand)

1 tbsp ground flax seed (Spectrum)

1 tbsp of pecans (or any nut choice you desire)

1-2 scoops of protein powder (Vanilla MRM egg-white is my preference)

1/4 cup of cereal (must have less than 4 grams of sugar per serving!!! I like flakes or puffs for texture)

Add cinnamon.. Mix.. Add as much unsweetened vanilla almond milk as needed to finish mixing the protein powder in. Top with a few blueberries or raspberries.

You now have a quick, delicious, balanced, textured new breakfast option.




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2 responses to “Newest Breakfast Creation aka Breakfast Delight

  1. This sounds great! I am definitely making this in the morning. Thank you for a new idea!

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