Returning to Fitness

Today was my first day back in the gym after about a 2 week break. The two week break was comprised of a combination of several factors including: work, school, lack of motivation, traveling and getting sick. I woke up today not feeling sick anymore and could NOT wait to get back to the gym. Let’s just say that before I went to the gym I was not being very nice to myself and well, I knew it was time for me to get back in the workout grind. Ended up rock climbing for a little bit then taking my chances on a new spin class.

Sometimes I find it helpful to take a group class when I need a little motivation to push myself or get back in the game. Every bike had a towel on it to reserve spots when I first walked in the class. I decided to hang around in the corner of class to see if maybe someone wouldn’t show up. Within 2 minutes (and not even a word leaving my mouth) there were 3 people in the class helping me find out if all of the reserved bikes were actually taken. Now, at my old gym the bikes were nice and the people were average on the nice scale. At my new gym, the bikes are below average but the people are very high on the nice scale. Needless to say, I found a bike! Nothing like a little bit of patience and/or persistence and/or kindness.

Another interesting aspect of my spinning experience is that there were 2 blind people who took the spin class. It is incredible to see how capable people with disabilities are. Sometimes I think bling people get to enjoy life more with their eyes closed given the judgments that society presents today. There are many times where I feel much more content or relaxed with my eyes closed, especially during times when spin class gets intense. Turning inward and listening to my body, the music and my breath really helps me find comfort in challenging physical situations.

By the time I left the gym I already found that I was being nicer to myself. I was thinking much more positive thoughts.

Did I reach my fitness goals in that single spin class? No. Did I make up for not working out in the past 2 weeks? No. Was I proud of myself that I took the first step in the direction I want to go? YES! Am I motivated to go back for more tomorrow? Well, maybe not another spin class (yet) but, yes you can be sure to find me in the gym switching up my workout tomorrow.


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