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Living with Intention

“The purpose of life is not only to be happy… It is to matter, to be productive, to make some differences.”

Recognizing that we are part of a bigger whole (or something greater ) is very challenging to most of us because we get so caught up in our own “busy”  lives. What if we were each to live with a little more intention every day? Being aware of how our actions affect ourselves and others around us will undoubtedly lead to a more fulfilling lifetime, stronger connections and bring us closer to happiness.

In my recent trip to Nicaragua with a program called Lacrosse the Nations, I realized how important it is for people who have the ability to give their time, love and money to those who are less fortunate. One thought that kept going through my head was “how crazy is it that our value of life for at least our childhood is determined by factors such as; where we are born, what social class our parents are in, what time period in history we are born in and what the current economical factors are in our country of birth.”

We do not specifically need to travel to another country to come to these realizations. There are many people in need in our local areas. Finding one day a month (or more) to do something for another person (or animal!) should not be even questionable. Simple because…. while you are helping others you will find the work you do is highly rewarding thus you are also helping yourself become a better person.

Find one cause that touches your heart and contribute to a greater whole.

Be productive, make a difference in your life and in others. Live with intention.


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Learning Through Traveling

Adventures allow us to go outside of our comfort zone, which in turn can lead us to be more comfortable with ourselves. After 5 weeks of traveling throughout Europe, (in addition to my previous travel experiences) I have found that traveling constantly pushes personal boundaries and challenges our so called “norms.” Being exposed to different cultures, languages, beautiful places and people makes me recognize how many different ways we can choose to live our lives. The freedom we experience when traveling allows us to rediscover the essence of who we are.

If you don’t have ANY travel plans in the next 1-2 years, what are you waiting for?!!! Stop being jealous about your friend’s travel stories and pictures. Start saving and start planning now. Your journey abroad will challenge you in ways that your daily life simply cannot.

We all need a break from our regular routine, its part of maintaining a healthy balance. Pick a destination and make it happen.

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Music is good for me




The thing that I like most about music is how it makes me feel. There always seems to be an artist or genre that truly matches the mood I am in. Sharing music with others is extremely rewarding for me as it can directly benefit another person’s life. Specifically, live music can provide a surreal experience for everyone involved. At a live music venue or music festival, the artists and music lovers come together as one entity in which everyone benefits. To think that one DJ or artist can make thousands of people feel good at the same time is extremely powerful.

Studies have shown that music has a profound affect on the mind and body. It can actually help reduce stress, relieve anxiety and assist with sleep. There is a growing health field called “music therapy,” that focuses on healing through music. Luckily, it seems as though music is never ending- there is always more where it came from.

Turn up the volume, embrace the beats, feel the vibes, take a deep breath, put a smile on and enjoy.

Some of my personal favorite artists are: Kaskade, the XX, Thievery Corporation, Pretty Lights, Bon Iver, Kings of Leon, Ellie Goulding.. and many more

Do yourself a favor, tune into pandora radio and pay for no commercial interruptions, it will enhance your listening experience (x 10)

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The Power of Breathing

To start with the basics, breathing is vital for any living organism. In order for cells to function properly they need oxygen. Since the act of breathing is automatic to humans, we tend not to pay attention to it. Each of us have the ability to make the breath more effective by simply being aware. With a little bit of practice we can begin to breathe with intention. Enhancing the breath involves slowing down the breathing pattern by taking long smooth inhales and equally as long exhales.

When humans get upset they subconsciously begin to slow down their breathing or even hold their breath. Conversely, in order to clear their minds and relax they take a deep breath. Through these natural tendencies we can recognize how powerful the act of breathing is.

Breathing with intention has several benefits. Studies have shown that meditation and breathing can help reduce sleep issues. Other benefits include reducing stress and anxiety. Deep rhythmic breathing increases oxygen and blood-flow to the brain. As most of you know, everyone’s brain is stronger in certain areas than others. Breathing exercises can actually help create balance in all parts of the brain.

Many leaders in the business world and in other industries use breathing as a technique to manage their stress and help them make clear decisions.

Yoga (specifically Vinyasa) and meditation classes place emphasis on the foundations of breathing with intention. My favorite breathing exercises come from the yoga breathing technique is called Ujjayi (pronounced Ooo-Jah- yee). If you would prefer to try some simple breathing exercises at home, you can look them up online. Before you know it you will find yourself using this new tool to reduce stress, to clear you mind and to initiate relaxation.

Use your breath to assist in achieving a balanced state of mind. Step out of autopilot mode, recognize when you can utilize the tool of breathing. With your breath you can give yourself breaks at any given point in a busy day.

Connecting to breath is how we exist in the present moment. Don’t “Just Breathe,” breathe with intention.

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