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Healthy Mindset Challenge

Our mental perspective can make all the difference in how successful we are in life. We could all work harder and we could all use a little more self-love.

Here is the challenge: no scale, no mirror for 1 week. Identify other sources that contribute to your own perception of “image” and remove those from your life for one week. These things include Facebook, magazines, TV shows etc.

There are two elements that will replace what you are removing in your life: hard-work and self-love.

1. Hard work– give this week all you have. Use the time that you would usually use to say “I wish I was,” or “I am not” in a productive way. Listen to your body, listen to your heart and listen to your mind. Push hard in your workouts, go for a clean diet (use a food journal if need be) and make some time to set some goals. This is your week, don’t hold back!

2. Self-love– give yourself a compliment when you wake up, at lunch and after dinner. Give yourself a hug after a good workout. Post notes in your calendar or notebook to remind yourself about your strong qualities. Before you go to bed at night, think about 3 things that you are grateful for that day. Take time to give yourself love instead of being hard on yourself. This approach is way more enjoyable and productive.

At the end of the week, reflect to see what it felt like to work harder and to give yourself some love.  See what it does to your perception of other people.

Wishing you a week filled with love, health & happiness.


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Another Year of Growth

This past year has been a year of exceptional growth in my life. For the first time, I have not been bound by the walls of a classroom or a school calendar. This time last year, it was time for me to get my feet wet in “the real life.” In the past year I have gotten to know myself better than ever before. I have fully immersed myself in many aspects of life that had only been a mere thought or desire up until now. The most important lesson that I have learned is that health and happiness are integral with one another and are interwoven with many other factors.

In the middle of May, I started my journey with Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a training course for Health Consultants. The main principle in this program is that we have primary foods in life which are different to ordinary foods. Primary foods are healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career, a spiritual practice. It is not only about the foods that we eat. If you are not happy then your health is going to take a toll. If you are too obsessed with nutrition or fitness, it is going to distract you from other aspects in your life that are also vital to your well-being. Each person is unique when it comes to health, we all require different balances. So too with nutrition, what works for one person very likely could be unhealthy for another person.

While we are all bio-diverse (each of us has our own needs) there are some truths that apply to each and every human. Drinking water is better for you than drinking soda for example. Getting exercise is better for you than sitting on the couch playing video games. Healthy relationship with your partner, family or friends is better than abusive relationships.

There are also some truths which I am particularly interested and focused on in relation to the culture of food. Food brings people together. It helps bind communities, build friendships and sustain lives. Whether people are growing food together, cooking or eating together, they are benefiting from their actions. Safe & quality food is going to provide for a better future.

It is my goal, in my 23rd year of life, to get a deeper understanding of my balance so that I can successfully inspire others to live more fulfilled, enjoyable, positive, balanced and happy lives. In turn, I know that each person that I am able to inspire will inspire at least one or two more people.

Let’s go back to some foundations in order to find deeper meaning in the lives that we live and the connections that we make–with other people and nature–along the way.

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Living with Intention

“The purpose of life is not only to be happy… It is to matter, to be productive, to make some differences.”

Recognizing that we are part of a bigger whole (or something greater ) is very challenging to most of us because we get so caught up in our own “busy” ┬álives. What if we were each to live with a little more intention every day? Being aware of how our actions affect ourselves and others around us will undoubtedly lead to a more fulfilling lifetime, stronger connections and bring us closer to happiness.

In my recent trip to Nicaragua with a program called Lacrosse the Nations, I realized how important it is for people who have the ability to give their time, love and money to those who are less fortunate. One thought that kept going through my head was “how crazy is it that our value of life for at least our childhood is determined by factors such as; where we are born, what social class our parents are in, what time period in history we are born in and what the current economical factors are in our country of birth.”

We do not specifically need to travel to another country to come to these realizations. There are many people in need in our local areas. Finding one day a month (or more) to do something for another person (or animal!) should not be even questionable. Simple because…. while you are helping others you will find the work you do is highly rewarding thus you are also helping yourself become a better person.

Find one cause that touches your heart and contribute to a greater whole.

Be productive, make a difference in your life and in others. Live with intention.

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A Balanced State of Life



When all things fall into place it seems as though life is in our favor. When everything seems to be falling apart it seems as there is no hope. We, humans, are very complex beings that need a balanced combination of different elements in order to be truly satisfied. There are several components that are completely in our control. Just because something is in our control does not mean that it can happen over night or that we have mastered it, we need to evaluate our weaknesses and challenge ourselves to learn something new.

My main philosophy in life is work hard, play hard. Without this balance, we find ourselves lost, stressed or confused. Sometimes it is neccissary to take a step back and look at our lives through an outside view in order to re-asses what direction we want to be going and compare it to the direction that we are actually going.

Relaxation is just as important as hard work. For this reason it is important to make sure that we are getting an adequate amount of sleep at night (8 hours) and that we take 1-2 days of rest a week from our normal workout routines.

Balance also comes into play in nutrition. If we deprive ourselves completely of one food group, our bodies crave that food and most often time we return to old habits. It is important that you consult a nutritionist to find out what a good carb-protein-fat ratio is correct for your body type, matabolism and work out regime. There are many theories how to obtain a balanced diet, however each individual needs to find out what works for them (using professional advice).

In life, we have friends and family that will come and go. You can think of your life as a rainbow- each color in your rainbow represents different elements that satisfy different personal needs. At different times in your life, different people will satisfy certain needs. When you have the right mix of people in your life, combined with an open mindset, you can achieve a balanced state of being. Your rainbow will be vibrant with color, providing a sense of comfort and happiness.

A combination of mental wellness, physical health and an appropriate diet can help you achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. We each on our own pursuit of happiness. Fitness and nutrition are ways to help us achieve our over all desire for happiness.

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